- Brussels: Conference on brownfield redevelopment in the EU

Dear ESP Partner,


On request of DG Environment of the European Commission, I send you the following information, which may be of interest to you:



We are pleased to announce that DG Environment of the European Commission will organize a conference on brownfield redevelopment in the EU on Friday 5 April 2019 in Brussels which will be hosted by the European Committee of the Regions. The rehabilitation of brownfields is part of sustainable urban development and a solution to limit urban sprawl, land take and soil sealing. During this conference inspiring policies and good practices will be presented by European, local and regional stakeholders, and the potential offered by EU funds will be explored.


We will provide more details and a conference agenda soon and we hope that you will be able to join us on 5 April in Brussels.


Best regards,

The soil team of DG Environment.





Marc Van Liedekerke

ESDAC - European Soil Partnership Secretariat

Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

Directorate D – Sustainable Resources, TP 122

I-21027 Ispra (VA) - Italy

tel: +39-0332-785179



Freitag, 5. April 2019
Freitag, 5. April 2019
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