-Uppsala, Schweden: Professorship in “Nutrient Cycling”

Professor in Nutrient Cycling
A position as full professor (Chair) in Nutrient Cycling is vacant at the Department of Soil and Environment, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden.
The subject concerns processes and factors affecting plant nutrient cycling and nutrient availability in soil in agricultural systems. The subject can include different aspects of mineralization, organic matter dynamics, transport processes and plant uptake using modelling and/or experimental approaches. Both agricultural productivity and environmental impact should be taken into consideration.
I hereby invite candidates to apply for the post and would be grateful if you could help us with spreading the advertisement to people who might be interested in applying. Last application date is September 15.
Kind regards,
Håkan Marstorp Head of Department
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Soil and Environment
Box 7014, 75007 Uppsala
Phone:: +4618 67 2556