K III Workshop "Resilience and resistance of soil ecosystems and soil biota in a changing environment"

geplant für März 2021

Proper functioning of soils is a key requisite for plant productivity and thus agricultural production as well as controlling the greenhouse gas balance of the atmosphere. Many of these processes and functions are linked to soil organisms and their activities. They thus depend on environmental conditions which might be highly variable in space and time. This variability might even increase with global change. Resistance to extreme conditions as well as resilience of the soil ecosystem is thus decisive for soil functioning. In our workshop, we want to address the following topics:

  • How do we define resistance and resilience of ecosystems and biota?
  • What is the role of soil biota for soil ecosystem resistance and resilience?
  • How resistant/resilient are different soil biota to changes in environmental conditions or stress?
  • How do different types of physical, chemical or biological stress (e.g. compaction, low water availability, contaminants, prey-predator interactions) affect the interaction between soil ecosystem and soil biota?
  • How can we manage soils to maximize the resistance and resilience of the soil ecosystem?

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