Konferenzen mit Bezug zur Kommission II (Auswahl) Bitte beachten Sie auch die Konferenzhinweise auf der Startseite der DBG-Homepage   -          18th EuroAnalysis; European Conference on Analytical Chemistry; Bordeaux, Frankreich, 6.-10. September, 2015 http://www.euroanalysis2015.com   -          15th EuCheMS International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment; 20.-24. September 2015, Leipzig, Germany Themen: Emerging contaminants; Analytical methods; Water quality; Nanomaterials; Microplastic; Air pollution; Tropospheric Multiphase and Heterogeneous Chemistry; Soils; Multimedia partitioning; Biodegradation; Isotope techniques; Predicting properties; Biological effects; Human exposure and toxicity; Regulatory issues; Metals, metalloids and speciation www.icce2015.org   Weitere Initiativen mit Bezug zur Kommission II (Auswahl) FIMIN Research Network: http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/fimin/ The FIMIN network offers travel grants and grants for short visits and exchange visits. It also offers training courses for PhD students and postdocs. This should be of great interest to all soil chemists and mineralogists who are concerned with iron biogeochemistry, iron minerals, and related topics.   Die Kommission II steht in Kontakt mit der Fachgruppe Umweltchemie und Ökotoxikologie der GDCh. The commission II is in contact with the section Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of the GDCh.