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Online - Workshop: Dorothee Post - Starting Graphic Design as a Scientist
Graphic Design is all around scientific work! Words, forms, colours and pictures are the key elements of graphic design and used to communicate research. Therefore, they make a huge impact on whether people are interested in your work or not. In this workshop, you’ll start to learn about how a good design builds up and how to improve your workflow when designing for your research.
The workshop is primarily aimed at young researchers who are attending a conference for the first time. After participating in the first two days of this workshop, you’ll be able to follow the Design Process, to identify visual messages and you’ll know about resources which help you to continue to work independently on your next project. In the follow-up meeting in mid-August, you will have the opportunity to discuss your conference presentation or poster with the other participants in order to be ideally prepared for the DBG conference!
Space is limited – register until 15/7 at studioatdorotheepost [dot] com
Price per participant: 30 €