Annual Meeting 2019 in Bern

2019/07/11 - 1:10pm

Montag, 26. August:

Postersession: KVI / AG Urbane Böden-Bodenkundliche Baubegleitung, 18:00 - 19:30: Leitung durch Frau Tina Thrum
K V S2.4 – Bodenklassifikation und Bodeninformation: 2b Digitale Bodeninformation 2,10:30 - 12:30. Der Vortrag V79 "Überprüfung der Parametrisierung von mineralischen Horizonten und Vorstellung eines online-tools zur explorativen Datenanalyse bodenkundlicher Daten" von J. Walter et al. wird von A. Bauriegel gehalten.

2019/06/27 - 10:09am ausgebucht!

Welcome to the Annual Meeting 2019 in Bern / Willkommen zur Jahrestagung 2019 in Bern

Confirmed keynote speakers
We are pleased to announce that the following speakers have confirmed their participation at the joined annual meeting of the German Soil Science Society and the Soil Science Society of Switzerland:

Joshua Schimel (University of California, Plenary talk on Tuesday afternoon)
Kees Jan van Groenigen (University of Exeter)
Paul Hallett (University of Aberdeen)
Jennifer Pett-Ridge (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Benjamin Turner (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)
Luo Yu (Zhejiang University)

More about the Annual Meeting:

Joined Conference of the German Soil Science Society (DBG) and the Soil Science Society of Switzerland (BGS) 2019

Conference details and   the scientific program

You can registrate for the Annual Meeting 2019 until July 1st.

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Journey to the venue places

There will be some 2-Day-Excursions, several 1-Day-Excursions and some excursions for only half a day ; also one excursion only for children

coming soon, in March 2019

coming soon


Soil Contest - : Sunday, 25th August 2019

The soil contest will be organized as similar as in Göttingen 2017: