Working Groups


Working Groups  Chair

Soils in Schleswig-Holstein   

Dr. Heiner C. Fleige   

German Soil Assessment and Soil Evaluation

Dr. Bernhard Keil

Soil Systematics   

Dr. G. Milbert   

Digital Soil Mapping Dr. Thorsten Behrens

History of Soil Science   

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. P. Blume  

Humus Forms   

Dr. Ch. Wachendorf   

Isotopes in Soil Science   

Prof. Dr. H. Flessa   


Prof. Dr. B. Terhorst

Urban Soils   

Dr. Silke Höke   

Forest Soils   

Prof. Dr. J. Prietzel   

Ground Gases

Prof. Dr. S. Glatzel

Working groups are established to work intensively on current questions, specific sections of single commissions or intersectoral questions. They are assigned directly to single or several commissions.