K VI - Soil protection and soil technology

The Commission VI of the German Soil Science Society (DBG) was formed by decision of the general assembly in September 2009, merging the former Commission VIII “Soil Protection “and the former Commission VI “Soil Technology”. It belongs to the more applied commissions of the DBG, aiming to transfer the knowledge generated in the science orientated commissions into practical use. Its active members include representatives from both the scientific community and governmental agencies, as well as engineering firms. The main focuses of Commission VI are in the areas of the chemical/material based as well as the physical soil protection to preserve soil and its diverse functions, as well as technological issues related to soil use and remediation of contaminated soils. A significant area of work is the field of soil protection during construction (pedological construction supervision). The goal is to minimize or eliminate risks and damages caused by anthropogenic soil use in the context of sustainable and multifunctional landscape management. The topics covered include soil protection, ithe protections of its properties and functions, the improvement and remediation of degraded or contaminated soils, the technological planning and design of soil characteristics for landfills as well as risk analysis and land use planning in terms of soil and water protection. The activities of Commission VI require the integration of fundamental research findings from the fields of soil physics, soil chemistry, soil biology, and soil mineralogy, and to utilize or intersect them with the results of the fields of soil fertility and plant nutrition, soil classification and mapping, as well as soil in education and society.

Working groups

AG Bodenwissen und Baubegleitung


The Commission VI offers various events and exchange platforms within the BBG working group on the topic of pedological construction supervision:

Every second  Monday at 7 p.m., the BBG-Online-”Stammtisch” takes place, which is also open to non-DBG members. Via Zoom, current questions related to pedagogical construction supervision  can be discussed and experiences can be shared.

The BBG working group also organizes excursions and workshops. Information about the dates is provided through the Em-ail distribution list and DBG Info E-mails.

If you are interested in participating in the working group and/or joining the E-mail distribution list, please contact:

Andreas Lehmann or Helena Ziegenhagel


All members are invited to actively participate in the work of the commission.

This may include:

        Organizing a conference or workshop.

        Organizing a training event.

        Proposing a symposium at a DBG annual meeting.

        Contributions to the website, such as conference announcements, status papers, job postings, etc.

        Nominating candidates for the commission chair.

        Collaboration in the BBG working group (Participation at the “BBG-Stammtisch “as well as at excursions and workshops is also open to non-DBG members!)



Helena Ziegenhagel Am Ockenheimer Graben 54 55411 Bingen 


Deputy chair:

Dr. Andreas Lehmann Universität Hohenheim, Fg. Biostatistik (340c), Fruwirthstraße 23, terra fusca PartG, Fruwirthswtraße 31 70599 Stuttgart


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