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The DBG awards poster prizes to young scientists at the annual conferences;

The criteria for the award are (since September 2023):


1. First impression (25 %) – aesthetic and appealing; balanced combination of important elements; original and creative; harmonious colour scheme


2. Content (50 %) – Novelty value; objective, research question and hypotheses clear; methods appropriately presented; scientific core statement clear; clearly recognisable title; names of institutions, logo etc. are available; contact information is provided; references are available and appear useful


3. Visualisation and language (25 %) – Clear text structure and appropriate amount of information; concise, understandable language; correct spelling and grammar; graphic elements are self-explanatory, axis labels and legend are easy to read; legibility from an appropriate distance (text alignment, font size, font colour).



Year/Conference Awardee Title


2023, Halle

Julia Jaquemotte1; Maire Holz; Caroline Buchen-Tschiskale | 1Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)

How does erosion status affect gaseous N losses and N dynamics in agricultural soils?
2023, Halle

María Martín Roldán1; Roman Hartwig; Monika Wimmer; Evgenia Blagodatskaya | 1Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ

Drought effect on enzymes kinetics and microbial growth in the root environment of maize
2023, Halle

Stephen Boahen Asabere1; Moritz Jung | 1Göttingen University

Anthropogenic sources enhance soil organic matter (SOM) contents but not SOM stability in tropical urban arable soils
2023, Halle

Alina Azekenova1; Stefan Julich; Karl-Heinz Feger; Karsten Kalbitz; Patrick Wordell-Dietrich; Lilli Zeh; Goddert von Oheimb; Alexandra Koller; Britt Kniesel | 1TU Dresden

Spatial distribution of the soil moisture along a terminal moraine using two experimental plots in a near natural forest
2023, Halle

Karla Sperling1; Anne Wagner; Martin Kaupenjohann | 1Technische Universität Berlin; Berliner Stadtgüter GmbH

Veränderung der Schwermetallbindungsformen in einem Rieselfeldboden nach Zugabe von Kalk, Gesteinsmehl, Leonardit und Eisen(hydr)oxid
2023, Halle

Adrian Lattacher1; Samuel Le Gall; Chao Gao; Moritz Harings; Ellen Kandeler; Ahmet Sırcan1; Youri Rothfuss; Christian Poll | 1University of Hohenheim

Back to the roots: How does the combination of root contrasted phenotypes of wheat influence the microbial community and nutrient flow under different water regimes
2023, Halle

 Corinna Gall1; Steffen Seitz; Maik Veste | 1Universität Tübingen

The role of mosses on water retention, soil stability and carbon storage in temperate forest soils
2023, Halle

Sophie Lennartz1; Bernd Göckener; Jan Koschorreck; Jan Siemens; Ines Mulder | 1Justus-Liebig University Giessen

Quaternary Ammonium Disinfectants in Suspended Particulate Matter of German Rivers – a Potential Contamination Source of Alluvial Soils?


2022, Trier

Lena Katharina Öttl (Augsburg), Florian Wilken, Anna Juřicová, Michael Sommer, Peter Fiener

Modelling to identify the main modulators of soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks and dynamics in an erosion-affected hummocky soil landscape in Germany
2022, Trier

Lena Marie Juraschek (Bonn), Arne Kappenberg, Wulf Amelung

Mycotoxins in the environment: How important is the role of soil as a reservoir for mycotoxins?
2022, Trier

Nadine Praeg (Innsbruck), Andreas Meul, Iris Schachner, Lisa Schuster, Paul Illmer

Re-inoculation of a soil-borne methanotrophic mixed culture: Testing the CH4 mitigation potential in different soil types
2022, Trier

Marisa Gerriets (Müncheberg), Martin Leue, Sylvia Koszinski, Michael Sommer

Effects of ameliorative fractional deep tillage (aFDT) on crop yields and soil fertility – Results from historical field trials
2022, Trier

Markus Koch (Hannover), Martin C. Schodlok, Georg Guggenberger, Susanne Stadler 

Effects of water tension and surface roughness on soil hyper spectral reflectance
2022, Trier

Romina Schuster (Hohenheim), Juliette Blum, Sven Marhan, Ellen Kandeler

Short term effects of cultivation systems without chemical pesticides on the function of soil organisms
2022, Trier

Antonia Zieger (Berlin), Klaus Kaiser, Martin Kaupenjohann

Genese von Andosolen: Übergang von silandischen zu aluandischen Eigenschaften – Konzept und erste Ergebnisse
2022, Trier

Susanne Döhler (Halle), Susann Heinrich, Luise Ohmann


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