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The Commission VI offers various events and exchange platforms within the BBG working group on the topic of pedological construction supervision:

Every second  Monday at 7 p.m., the BBG-Online-”Stammtisch” takes place, which is also open to non-DBG members. Via Zoom, current questions related to pedagogical construction supervision  can be discussed and experiences can be shared.

The BBG working group also organizes excursions and workshops. Information about the dates is provided through the Em-ail distribution list and DBG Info E-mails.

If you are interested in participating in the working group and/or joining the E-mail distribution list, please contact:

Andreas Lehmann or Helena Ziegenhagel

Excursion and workshop of the  Working Group AG BBG on 03.11. - 04.11.2023 

At the end of the year, the BBG working group invited to a construction site excursion to Lower Saxony near Verden (Aller) with a workshop on the following day.

The excursion destination, the 380 kV underground cable construction site of the Stade-Landesbergen, a energy transition project of the transmission system operator TenneT, promised insights into various stages of underground cable construction.

In cold and wet weather, around 30 participants from various engineering offices and government agencies as well as representatives of project developers gathered near Verden (Aller) to discuss the possibilities and approaches of soil protection during construction in the context of underground cable projects. The number of participants was pleasingly high. 

On November 3, Marius Eckhoff and Johannes Bremer, the soil scientists responsible for the construction site from Geries Ingenieure, gave the group a guided tour of the construction site. They explained the avoidance and mitigation measures for soil protection on the construction site in a engaging and clear manner. With difficult soil conditions due to compaction-sensitive alluvial loams and high soil moisture levels, there were lively discussions and an intensive exchange of experiences. 

The second day of the event was dedicated to a workshop. For most of the morning, the participants worked in small groups  on topics relating to recultivation, construction roads and soil storage during construction, but also focused on critical questions about contradictions in the DIN standards 19639 and 19731. The event ended with a final presentation of the results and the groups intention to edit the results into publishable formats. There will be more on this shortly here on the commission page!

We would like to thank Marius Eckhoff, Johannes Bremer (Geries Ingenieure GmbH) and Thomas Buksdrücker (TenneT TSO GmbH) and the DBG for the contribution to organize the event, catering and paying the room rent for Saturday!

Visit to an Interaction Event in Thurgau to Prepare for an Austrian-Swiss-German Cooperation in Soil Protection in Construction.

As a representative of Commission VI of the DBG, Andreas Lehmann attended the exchange day organized by the BGS (Soil Science Society of Switzerland) in Aadorf on October 28, 2022. Swiss professionals in pedological construction supervision attend one obligatory exchange day each year to maintain their certification.

The Swiss-German meeting in Aadorf took place in preparation for a planned Austrian-Swiss-German seminar on soil science in construction. In the historical setting of the Agroscope research station (the Federal Competence Centre for Agricultural Research), a wide range of questions were discussed. The exchange took place through presentations, discussions and a workshop with the focus on agricultural topics. Increasing concerns among the Swiss colleagues about an too academic approach to the field of pedological construction supervision were addressed by providing knowledge about agricultural soil cultivation techniques.

Soil protection during construction is relatively well-established among Swiss builders and in the construction industry. In Switzerland, professionals hardly deal with the implementation of soil protection requirements, which are considered self-evident; instead, strategies are discussed on how construction companies can optimize soil protection on their own.

For a German participant, the almost familial and friendly atmosphere of the exchange day was impressive. The exchange day, with its high level of interaction and conversation, certainly lives up to its name. Many of the participants have known each other since their training. The few newcomers and the German visitor were simply infected by the openness of the Swiss pedological construction supervision community. This alone is a good reason for a strong Swiss presence at the upcoming seminar.

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