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Prof. Dr. Emil Ramann

* 30. 04. 1851

+ 19. 03. 1926

Agricultural chemist
1885 – 1900  Director of the chemical-physical research department in the Prussian forestry research centre and Professor in Eberswalde
1900 – 1925  Full Professor at the University of Munich (Chair of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science) and Head of the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry at the Bavarian Forest Research Centre.
Co-founder of the International Soil Science Society
Awardee of the Emil-Ramann-Medal in 2023: Prof. Dr. F. Lang. Photo: S. Reichhold, Halle 2023

Awardee of the Emil-Ramann-Medal:

Year Name Place of institute
2023  Prof. Dr. Friederike Lang Freiburg                         
2002 Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Vogel Halle (Saale)
2019 Prof. Dr. Wulf Amelung Bonn 
2015 Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kögel-Knabner München 
2011 Prof. Dr. Martin Gerzabek  Wien



§ 1
The German Soil Science Society (DBG) awards the Ramann-Medaille Prize to mid-career scientists for their outstanding achievements. The prize consists of a medal bearing the likeness of Prof. Dr. Emil Ramann and an award certificate. The medal will be awarded by the president of the DBG at an appropriate society event. The names of the winner and the title of the prizejustified research as well as an acknowledgement of the prize winner is to be published by the DBG in the relevant scientific publications.

§ 2
The prize is awarded on the basis of publications published in international journals and other distinguished accomplishments. A maximum of two Ramann medals may be awarded per year.

§ 3
Scientists from Germany or abroad may be proposed for the award. Applications on one’s own behalf are not possible. Applications for the award shall be submited in writing to the President of the DBG together with a list of the publications considered for the award, or rather, adequate
grounds for further oustanding achievments in Soil Science. Additionally, at least three paper copies of important works are to be included as well. A detailed justification and scientific acknowledgement as well as a detailed curriculum vitae of the candidate/candidates must also be
enclosed with the application. In coordination with the responsible chairman/chairwoman of the Commission, the President of the DBG selects three evaluators from within country or from abroad. The written evaluations shall be prepared within 12 weeks. In the event that an evaluator
is unable to submit the evaluation or observe the given time frame, a new evaluator is to be appointed. The President of the DBG, in consultation with the chairman or the responsible commission whose acknowledged field of research is under assesment, elects three reviewers from either Germany or abroad. The evaluation is to be preared within 12 weeks. In the event that an evaluator is unable to submit the evaluation or observe the given time frame, a new evaluator is to be appointed.

§ 4
The President shall submit a drafted decision to the Extended Board during a meeting following the submission. The decision to award the Ramanne Medal must be unanimously agreed upon by the Extended Board

§ 5
The recipient will be informed in written form by the President of the DBG about the decision and the ensuing obligation to give a speech or presentation on the occasion of the next suitable DBG event. Members of the DBG will be informed about the speech or presentation in
appropriate form. 

Oldenburg, 23rd of January 2010    Prof. Dr. Rainer Horn Dr. Peter Hugenroth
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