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DBG for Peace

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The German Soil Science Society speaks up for peace and for the right of sovereignty of all states.

In this we stand closely together with scientists of all nationalities, religions and disciplines worldwide.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people in Ukraine who have to fear for their lives, as well as with the brave people in Russia who are risking their own freedom by standing up for peace.

The IUSS, concerned about recent events, expresses its wishes that the sovereignty of nations be respected, and stands in solidarity with Ukraine and those Russians who do not support the aggression being inflicted.

Registration for the Annual Conference

Registration for this year's DBG annual meeting is now open. Please register again through Conftool.

Annual Meeting 2022 in Trier
Universität Trier

Dear members! 

The board, together with our conference president Sören Thiele-Bruhn, decided to postpone the Trier 2021 conference to September 2022. Planning security was not given due to the unpredictable development of the pandemic. The new date is the 3rd to 9th September 2022. The abstracts and topics submitted by the commissions / working groups are retained. However, you can change or withdraw your contributions and then resubmit them in a phase from December 2021 to February 15, 2022. In Trier we will in all probability hold some important points at a general meeting in hybrid form on September 7, 2021. A circular will be sent to you soon, in which the possible number of participants - probably a maximum of 50 people in the AudiMax - will be communicated. The main points of the hybrid MV will be the announcement of the elections, the holding of the presidential election and the appointment of honorary members. A small lecture event with the winners of the Fritz Scheffer Prize and the Ulrich Babel Prize is planned for the afternoon.
The board and the conference team from Trier
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Reports of the DBG

The Reports of the DBG are online publications,which have not yet been reviewed by the DBG. Nevertheless, there are still layout principals,which have to be taken into account in order to successfully upload a publication by a member of the DBG. These principals are accessible and ready to be downloaded under the following link: "Regularien für die Berichte der DBG" (Rules for the Reports of the DBG) Reports of the DBG are published in the "Publikatiosdatenbank" (Database of Publications of the DBG). There you will find the following functions: Download, Sroll for date, DBG-Section or Events, Extended Search per various keywords (including full-text search),Notifications of newly enlisted publications (neu eingetragene Publikationen). Submission of "Reports of the DBG" Please follow below steps to upload your report-submission: The procedure of submission may be interrupted at all time and can later be continued after logging in to the "database of publications again. Use your DBG membership number and password to log in to the "Publikationsdatenbank" (database of publications of the DBG). (If required you can switch the user interface language to English by clicking on "Sprache"("language") in the menu.) Click on "Neuer Eintrag" ("New Item"). As the type of submission choose "Konferenz- oder Workshop-Beitrag" ( "Conference or Workshop Item"). Upload the PDF-file of your submission and fill out the checkboxes On the following page "Details" choose "Berichte der DBG" ("Reports of the DBG") as type of presentation and fill out the remaining checkboxes. At last, there will be an automatic verification of compliance with the guidelines mentioned above. Potential discrepancies will be called out and brought to your attention. Please fill in the indicated checkboxes or correct the PDF file accordingly. After having uploaded your submission it will be examined by an editor, who will either release it or defer it for required corrections.  


Events with term of application

Veranstaltung Zeit zur Registrierung Beginn Ende
DBG-Jahrestagung 2022: Soil Contest 21 hours 2022/09/04 2022/09/04
Dresden: Down to Earth – Kunst und Bodenwissenschaft im Dialog 1 week 2022/05/04 2022/07/08
DBG-Jahrestagung 2022: Vor-Exkursionen 1 month 2022/09/03 2022/09/04
DBG-Jahrestagung 2022 1 month 2022/09/05 2022/09/08


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