Jahrestagung 2019 in Bern / Schweiz
Die nächste Jahrestagung der DBG wird im August/September 2019 in Bern stattfinden, gemeinsam mit der BGS, der Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft der Schweiz. Die Tagung unter dem Titel ‚Erd – Reich Boden – Landschaften‘ findet vom 24. August (Sonnabend) bis zum 30. August (Freitag) 2019 statt. Die ersten und die letzten beiden Tage sind für Exkursionen vorgesehen. Der Begrüßungsabend wird aller Voraussicht nach am Sonntag, den 25.08.2019, stattfinden, der Gesellschaftsabend am 27. 8.2019. Tagungspräsidentschaft: Prof. Dr. Sandra Spielvogel, Kiel, sowie Prof. Dr. Heinz Veit, Bern

Soil Mineralogy

  Our goals: Commission VII is one of eight commissions of the Deutsche Bodenkundliche Gesellschaft (German Soil Science Society) and deals with mineralogy and micromorphology of soil.   Our objective is to foster quality in science, cooperation in research and scientific communication in soil mineralogy, as well as to inspire students and young scientists with interest in our field of research. For this purpose the members of commission VII are periodically organizing conferences and workshops. These meetings are often held in collaboration with other commissions or scientific associations and welcome participants from science, government, and industry.   Close collaborations exist with groups working on inorganic or organic soil chemistry, soil physics and soil pollution/protection.           Your contribution: All memebers of commission VII are invited to contribute to our activities by     ·                                 Organizing a meeting or a workshop ·                                 Proposing a  session on our annual meeting ·                                 Submitting information to our homepage ·                                 Suggesting the next chairperson for commission VII     Please discuss your ideas with the current chairperson.           Links:   A number of scientific societies are pursuing very similar goals as commission VII:     DTTG:    Deutsche Ton- und Tonmineral-Gruppe DMG:    Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft CMS:    Clay Minerals Society MSA:    Mineralogical Society of America       Contact Commission VII:       Dr. Karin Eusterhues     Institut für Geowissenschaften Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena Burgweg 11 07749 Jena Tel. +49 +3641-948642 Fax +49 +3641-948622 E-mail: karin.eusterhues@uni-jena.de         Dr. Robert Mikutta   Institut für Bodenkunde Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät Herrenhäuser Straße 2 30419 Hannover Tel.: +49 +511762-3561 Fax: +49 +511762-5559 E-Mail: mikutta@ifbk.uni-hannover.de        
Makroskopische Ausfällungen des Arsensulfids Realgar (alpha-As4S4) in Gleyböden der geochemischen Anomalie von Mokrsko, Tschechische Republik

Isotopes in Soil Science

  Aims of the Working Group „ Stable Isotopes in Soil Science: Exchange of experiences concerning use and analysis of stable isotopes in soil research Establish and propagate new methods and study designs in soil research Serve as a starting point for information about application and analysis potential for newcomers in isotope based research in soil ecology Advance teaching on use and analysis of stable isotopes         Activities of the Working Group:   Organisation of the biennial Workshop “Stable Isotopes in Soil research” (the last one in Göttingen, September 2010) Organisation of teachings and seminars, participation in teachings “Use of stable isotopes in soil process research” organised by the DBG  Active participation in symposia with a focus on isotope research in the annual meeting of the DBG Administration of the Working Group:   Head of the Working Group „Stable Isotopes in Soil Science“ is Prof. H. Flessa (Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut,I Braunschweig). He is assisted by Dr. Jens Dyckmans, lab manager of the Centre for Stable Isotope Research and Analysis (Kompetenzzentrum Stabile Isotope, KOSI)“ of the University of Göttingen.   Contact   History of the Working Group:   The working group was founded at the 1999 annual meeting of the DBG in Hannover initiated by Fritz Beese and Heiner Flessa (then both working at the Institute of Soil Science and Forest Nutrition, University of Göttingen). The working group is part of the Commision II (Soil Chemistry).  

Reports of the DBG

The Reports of the DBG are online publications,which have not yet been reviewed by the DBG. Nevertheless, there are still layout principals,which have to be taken into account in order to successfully upload a publication by a member of the DBG. These principals are accessible and ready to be downloaded under the following link: "Regularien für die Berichte der DBG" (Rules for the Reports of the DBG) Reports of the DBG are published in the "Publikatiosdatenbank" (Database of Publications of the DBG). There you will find the following functions: Download, Sroll for date, DBG-Section or Events, Extended Search per various keywords (including full-text search),Notifications of newly enlisted publications (neu eingetragene Publikationen). Submission of "Reports of the DBG" Please follow below steps to upload your report-submission: The procedure of submission may be interrupted at all time and can later be continued after logging in to the "database of publications again. Use your DBG membership number and password to log in to the "Publikationsdatenbank" (database of publications of the DBG). (If required you can switch the user interface language to English by clicking on "Sprache"("language") in the menu.) Click on "Neuer Eintrag" ("New Item"). As the type of submission choose "Konferenz- oder Workshop-Beitrag" ( "Conference or Workshop Item"). Upload the PDF-file of your submission and fill out the checkboxes On the following page "Details" choose "Berichte der DBG" ("Reports of the DBG") as type of presentation and fill out the remaining checkboxes. At last, there will be an automatic verification of compliance with the guidelines mentioned above. Potential discrepancies will be called out and brought to your attention. Please fill in the indicated checkboxes or correct the PDF file accordingly. After having uploaded your submission it will be examined by an editor, who will either release it or defer it for required corrections.  


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